WSJ On Madigan

The editors of the Wall Street Journal weigh in on the development about which I posted earlier:

It’s amazing that he still received 51 votes. Mr. Madigan’s associates have been indicted in a corruption probe in which Commonwealth Edison agreed to pay a $200 million fine for a scheme to curry favor with the speaker. He says he did nothing wrong. He is also chair of the state Democratic Party, which he can use to make or break legislative careers.

Since he’s been speaker, the once great Prairie State has seen its credit rating fall from one of the highest to the worst in the country. Its citizens are fleeing for better-run neighbors and low-tax Florida. But even at 78 years old, he has managed to hold on to power like the Chicago ward boss he once was. Mr. Madigan’s political demise won’t save Illinois by itself, but it would be a start.

In my view that Mr. Madigan might think he has done nothing wrong is indicative of the problem with our entire political class. They don’t realize that what they’ve been doing is wrong any more.

Replacing Mr. Madigan won’t even be a start if whoever replaces him just picks up where he left off.

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