Wishing I Were a Fly On the Wall

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov remarked that there was “no common vision” between him and his American counterpart, Sec. of State John Kerry as their meeting on Ukraine broke up without results:

LONDON (AP) — Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Friday that differences remain between Moscow and the U.S. following negotiations in London aimed at ending the crisis in Ukraine, whose strategic Crimea region is voting this weekend on whether to secede.

How I wish he had expanded on that! I would very much like to know what their respective visions are.

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  • In the body of the post I refrained from noting that a meeting of minds was impossible since the secretary was under-equipped for same.

  • Ken Hoop


    While criticizing German puppetry, PCR outlines what John Kerry’s vision is.

  • ...

    Apparently our vision is that Russia should give up territory where it has had military bases since before we wrote our Constitution. There position is that we need to get stuffed.

    A meeting of the minds seems unlikely, even if our leadership borrows some brains from somewhere.

  • ...

    THEIR position, THEIR position!

  • michael reynolds

    I’m not sure why exactly you have such a low opinion of Kerry. I don’t have an opinion either way on that, just haven’t paid enough attention.

    However, I think if you look at the two-shot of them Kerry clearly has superior tailoring. Maintaining what has been pretty solid sartorial dominance over the Russkis since Stalin’s first onesie.

  • If being a snappy dresser were an indication of power or foreign policy skill, Pakistan would rule the world.

  • Andy

    Yes, there will be no meeting of the minds.

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