Winning the Silver

I see that in the post from Nate Silver that is provoking squeals of outrage from Democratic partisans he is in essence predicting what I have for some time: a Senate that is even more closely divided than the present Senate. I think it’s likely to be 50-50. Mr. Silver apparently thinks it’s more likely to be 51-49 with Republicans gaining control of that house.

This might also be a good time to repeat my suggestion that President Obama’s pollsters are telling him the same thing. That’s why his rhetoric has gradually shifted from gaining control of both houses of the Congress to what he can do without Congressional support.

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  • jan

    I think today it does look like the Senate will be tossed into the R’s hands. However, eight months is long time, and the D’s are very good at ‘crud’making.’ So, I think they still stand a very good chance at polluting the discussion points and turning the election around so they remain control of the Senate.

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