Why blogging is slow these days

I’m having difficulty in working up a lot of interest in posting these days and it looks like I’m not the only one. Steven Den Beste is taking a blogging hiatus. So is Connie du Toit. A promising new blogger writes:

I will blog no more about John Kerry forever.

Even that most energetic and prolific of bloggers, Glenn Reynolds, writes:

Well, I’d rather be blogging about something else. Of course, I’ve felt that way since September 11, 2001 . . . .

And I am pretty tired of blogging about Kerry, and the election (like Steven Den Beste, I was tired of this election in November of 2003), and if Kerry had more, um, definition I’d probably write about him a lot less.

As I wrote before I’m not interested in re-hashing the Viet Nam war. I didn’t want to talk much about it in 1967. Why should I start now?

I am interested in the plane crashes in Russia on Tuesday but until we get more information there’s not a great deal more to say.

The situations in Najaf and Fallujah are both bleak and possibly getting bleaker. And they’ve been bleak for nearly a year. Or ten years. Or twenty years.

I think I’ll put some posts about dogs and cooking together. Different posts I mean.

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  • AMac Link

    Hard time finding something to blog about? I don’t think so…you have the makings of a great post about Kerry and Clinton in the comments over there.

    Unless you are joining varifrank in his blog-no-more-about-JFK pledge.

  • Not my comments I’m afraid, AMac. No, I just don’t care to blog about Viet Nam, Swift Boats, whether people who served in the Texas Air National Guard or people who served in the Navy were more patriotic.

    IMO it’s comparing scars. Like 8-year-olds.

  • FWIW, AMac, you’re welcome to guest-blog here anytime. You’re such a smart, fine writer.

  • AMac Link

    Uh, sorry about the misplaced praise. Or maybe I can call it comic relief, and leave it at that. In contrast to the more-common brickbats that fly about the blogosphere.

    To further the mutual-admiration, I do find the comments that you (or your personal troll?!) leave at WoC and other sites to be thought-provoking. Guest-blogging, hmmm, who’d a thunk of it. I might have to wait for TTLB to invent guestblog categories though.

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