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Joe Gandelman of The Moderate Voice has noted that Jews are moving to Florida. Now I know what you’re thinking but this is a little more interesting than that: French Jews are moving to Florida. The emigration of Jews from France is something that has been going on for some time but now, either due to problems that Jews have been having in France or fear of what problems may happen, the out-migration is accelerating.

One thing that Joe doesn’t note is that the overwhelming preponderance of Jews in the United States are Ashenazic Jews, mostly from Eastern Europe. The French Jews on the other hand are mostly Sephardic Jews, many from North Africa. The two groups have substantial ethnic and linguistic differences as well as differences in religious practice. I suspect that there may be culture shock for both long-established Jewish communities in Florida and their newly-arrived coreligionists.

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  • someone2

    A bigger problem might be phony missionary movements posing as Sephardic organizations.


  • Hysteria, Europhobia and Islamophobia all rolled into one. American conservativism is so very charming. Show me some solid data about “fleeing”

    BTW, France has been suffering an out-migration of educated “brains” as they put it across the board, to the “Anglo Saxon”countries. Hostile economic climate.

    Rather than the hysteric American ranting and Europhobic self-fellating, perhaps some real data.

    You people really are provincials.

  • Lounsbury, I didn’t mean to suggest that whatever out-migration of Jews from France is going on was reasonable. That’s why I suggested that fear might be one of the motives. That’s almost certainly the case. The Halimi case has been trumpeted enormously. Reasonable fear? I don’t know.

    Joe asked me to link; he’s been very kind to me in the past; I did. Full stop.

  • I don’t know that you’re right about French Jews being largely Sephardi. Surely there’s a greater Sephardi presence than among other European Jewish populations because of France’s colonial holdings. But I still think that the majority of French Jews are Ashkenazi.

  • Soccer dad, cf. the Wikipedia article on French Jews.

  • Fletcher Christian


    I think that French Christians will be next.

    I was reading a report yesterday that there are several hundred areas of France, mainly in cities, that are semi-officially regarded as what Heinlein, fifty years ago (he saw all this coming!) called Abandoned Areas; places where the police won’t go unless there is a really good reason, and if they do they go wearing riot gear and in platoons.

    The issue of the predominant religion followed by the denizens of those areas is left as an exercise for the student. I use the word “denizens” quite deliberately and with malice aforethought.

    My guess for the start of vigilantism and mosque-burnings is less than ten years. I won’t be participating; but if I ever find out about someone I know that is, the police won’t get told.

    Europe needs Islam or Moslems like it needs a hole in the head; most of us don’t want them, and sooner or later some of us will start demonstrating it.

  • No mate, my comment was directed at you and the underlying blog.

    (Leaving aside the bigot supra and his idiocy about French Xians)

    I rather doubt there is in fact a flight of French Jews that is statistically different from the general brain drain of the professional classes towards the anglo saxon world, regardless of the Europhobic whanking on you’re pimping.

  • I’d also note I find amusing people like Fletcher who parrot the proto-Nazi bigotry about Muslims that is in fact word-for-word indistinguishable from what his type wrote and said about the E. European Jews migrating from Russia and environs.

    Word for word – except of course the Jewish terrorists were socialists and the like, rather than religiously motivated.

  • I don’t even know if that’s the right comparison to make. Are the French Jews leaving France of the “professional classes”? So far my researches suggest that French Jews are out-migrating at the rate of about 1% per year. That sounds higher than brain drain and lower than headlong flight to me.

  • Show me the data – and one can begin to make comparisons with socio-economic factor correction.

    I find this largely to be overdone hysteria in keeping with the latest bit of provincial tripe, along the lines of that ignoramus writing about “Eurabia”

    Hysteric idiocy and bigotry in one unattractive package.

  • Fletcher Christian

    How many bombs did the Jews set off in London, New York, Madrid… ?

    The difference this time is that the enemy within really is an enemy, one that wants (and is in fact commanded by its most unholy book and its prophet Muhammad the paedophile, murderer and rapist, hellfire and damnation be upon him) to extend the hegenomy of its religion over the whole of Mankind.

    All the Jews wanted was to be left alone. Not so this bunch.

  • When are you referring to my dear bigot?

    Jews were heavily present in the radical terror groups of the late 19th through to 20th centuries.

    Learn some history, you filthy bigotted neoNazi scum.

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