Which Is Worse?

In a post at The Week Joel Mathis makes a pretty good point:

Hypocrisy by men and women in high places is galling enough on its own. But the real risk is that double standards will melt into no standards at all. If my city’s mayor decides to sidestep the rules — or even good sense — by having an indoor restaurant meal, or taking an out-of-town trip to see family, why shouldn’t I do the same? Every person who decides to follow suit takes the chance of spreading the virus, and its accompanying misery, to a wider group of people.

in which you might see echoes of a point I’ve made myself. Let me ask a question. Which is the worst?

  1. People in high places who don’t make the right rules and model bad conduct?
  2. People in high places who make rules and openly exempt themselves from them?
  3. People in high places who make rules but don’t live up to them themselves?

I think they’re all pretty bad. The fool or knave that wears a title lies.

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  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    I’m going to put names of real people to make this concreate.

    A. President Trump
    B. Mayor Muriel Bowser (exempting herself from a requirement to isolate14 days after travel to Biden’s victory speech by declaring the trip essential travel)
    C. Governor Newsom

    As your next post states through; most voters don’t care, or don’t care enough. I predict 99% of officials in A,B,C will be reelected.

  • It’s funny you should mention that. This post originally began with giving Disney characters as types and those very individuals as real-life examples. I abandoned the concept as not serious enough.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    You can really only contract the virus through contact with lessers, mortals,
    the great unwashed.
    Newsome’s breath, aura, and bodily fluids are free of bacteria or virus. They wouldn’t dare.

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