Where Is the Hiring Taking Place?

One of the things that struck me about Danielle DiMartino Booth’s analysis at Bloomberg of the employment situation for February was this statement:

On a more fundamental level, what are the odds that the demand for labor is sustained? In February, the construction sector added 61,000 jobs, the biggest increase in 11 years. Over the last four months alone, it has added 185,000 new jobs.

A warming trend after a brutally cold January probably played a part.

If that were the case the strongest hiring would have taken place where the cold was most severe or at least where the cold was most extraordinary. Does she have evidence of that? If so, she should produce it—it’s not in the BLS’s Employment Situation Report.

If it’s not the case she may be obscuring by assumptions what is actually an even bigger story. Youth wants to know.

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