What’s Wrong With Network TV?

Something I’d meant to mention yesterday but didn’t get around to was how few primetime Emmy nominations were awarded to network television programs. If This is Us were moved to say, Lifetime where it would be completely at home, network programs would have received only two or three nominations.

Is network television particularly lame these days, do the networks just not care about the Emmies any more, or what?

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  • Andy Link

    Given how little TV I watch, I’m the wrong person to ask. And my wife strongly prefers British murder mysteries. The only show I watch on network TV is Agents of Shield and I usually catch that via streaming.

  • Guarneri Link

    Heh. Sporting events are all I watch on network TV. Instead of basic cable, I’d like to subscribe to un-basic cable.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    So many sources of new content, Amazon, Hulu, Roku, Netflix, and more, the commonality of prime-time TV is another loss among those experiences that make us one people. The show you mentioned, I’ve never heard of, and that’s not uncommon at all. For the younger set planting themselves in front of a screen usually means “Call of Duty” or”Fortnite” or “Grand Theft Auto”. Network TV isn’t sick, it’s facing massive amounts of competition. It has no way to respond to it.

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