What If We Could Cut the Cost of a College Education…

by Dave Schuler on February 27, 2013

…in half? Or more? Joanne Jacobs reports on the effectiveness of a “hybrid class” that combines online instruction with a on hour face-to-face session:

College statistics students in a hybrid class — online instruction plus a one-hour face-to-face session — performed slightly better than the control group and spent 1.7 fewer hours per week on the course, write William G. Bowen, Matthew M. Chingos, Kelly A. Lack and Thomas I. Nygren in Education Next.

“The effect of the hybrid-format course did not vary when controlling for race/ethnicity, gender, parental education, primary language spoken, score at the standardized pretest, hours worked for pay, or college GPA,” the authors report.

The lecture format used in so many colleges and universities originated in, roughly, the 13th century. It is not so perfect a technology that it cannot be improved using some of the developments in telecommunications and information technology that have come about over the last 800 years.

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