What Can We Expect?

Let me put this question on the floor. What should we expect from the upcoming Trump-Putin summit? I think the most likely outcome is an enormous amount of grandstanding on the part of domestic politicians.

This morning I’ve been listening to the usual talking heads complaining about a too-cozy relationship between Trump and Putin and demanding that Trump hold Putin accountable for interfering with U. S. elections (which he has denied) and for supporting the Syrian government, especially in its use of chemical weapons against its own people (which he has also denied).

Something to bear in mind. Not only is Putin’s approval rating sky-high at home, in terms of the number of people who approve of him, not only is his global approval rating higher than Trump’s, it’s higher than Obama’s. For example, an outright majority of the Chinese approve of Putin while only a minority of the Chinese approve of Obama.

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  • steve Link

    Grandstanding, with the promise of some, maybe all, sanctions being lifted. On the plus side, he might cede Syria to Russia and friends and we could get out.


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