What Are the Odds?

What do you are the odds that in 30 years Facebook won’t exist but Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune will? I think the odds are very good, indeed.

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  • Guarneri

    In a normal world or a torches and pitchfork world?

  • ...

    I’m betting that he will still have most of the fortune that he has divested from Facebook. So call it about a tenth of what he’s worth now.

  • ...

    I was wondering what the odds were that underneath the headline good news on the employment report, there would be bad news. Looks like the reason employment is up is that full time jobs are evaporating and part time jobs are booming. So the odds were pretty good.

    This also ties in with the hybrid post.

  • ...

    Rather, the odds should have favored hidden bad news.

  • How rich is the MySpace guy? There is the sneak preview.

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