Wait Times

In the comments to one of my (many) healthcare posts, a frequent commenter suggested that my description of the lengthy expected wait time for an appointment with my physician was unusual. Maybe not so much.

Take a look at this study of apppointment wait times. The conclusions I draw from it are that we need a lot more primary care physicians and that the reform plans currently on the table will serve to aggravate what’s an already bad situation.

Also, you might want to watch this amusing take on the study (in Legos), where I found the link.

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  • Andy Link


    As you probably know, I’m in the military health care system since my wife is an active-duty officer. Me, my wife and one of my kids all needed dermatology appointments this year. At first we had to wait about 2 weeks to see our designated primary care physician to get the referral, then we waited another 3-4 weeks for the actual dermatology appointment.

    Urgent care is very difficult to get scheduled – there’s been several times where we ended up in the emergency room.

    This has been my experience with military medicine at both military facilities and contracted providers.

  • Brett Link

    Thanks for the study, Dave! That type of document is invaluable.

  • Jimbino Link

    Somebody needs to illustrate the wait time of a retired American on Medicare who is vacationing in New Zealand (or anywhere else in the world). It is INFINITY.

  • Drew Link

    Perhaps that frequent commentor was me?

    Maybe, maybe not.

    I continue to observe that my personal experience with the healthcare system is at odds with these other negative observations/experiences. So I again ask, how can this be? I find it odd.

    And I again query: I can get an appointment with the Dupage Medical Group – like right now. Very competant people. (Better than vets!!) This is only a 30 minute drive to Glen Ellyn for you Dave.

    So (again) are we talking a major malformation in the medical care system? Or consumer choice, not wanting to drive to GEllyn?

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