Verdict in Trial for Murder of Ahmaud Arbery

The Associated Press reports that a verdict is in on the trial of three Georgia men for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. One has been found guilty of homicide with malice, the other two of felony homicide.


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  • Drew Link

    I didn’t follow this nearly as much as Rittenhouse. It sounds like Arbery might in fact have been up to mischief. But what the hell were those guys doing playing Gomer Pyle and citizens arrest? You can’t chase a man down like that and shoot him. They lost their claim to self defense. It was absurd.

    To echo the sentiment: good. Bad guys.

  • It sounds like Arbery might in fact have been up to mischief.

    That’s possible but the jury did not receive evidence to that effect. IMO based on the evidence presented they came to the right decision.

    More broadly we’ve had two consecutive high profile cases in which the juries came to the correct decisions based on the evidence presented. Score two for the trial by jury system.

  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    I hope those who felt self-defense was too easily invoked in Rittenhouse’s case last week will consider this case’s result.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    I understand I’m an outlier here, but I don’t believe that this was premeditated. Greg McMichael was attempting to either question or arrest what he had been told by the sheriffs office was a burglary suspect.
    One of the three now convicted men had a gun in his hand and Aurbury had hold of the barrel when he was shot.
    Apparently he was not deputized although he considered himself to be so.
    If we look back to the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown , Rayshard Brooks, all could have been avoided by simply complying and peacefully arguing their case.
    The McMichaels had numerous opportunities to shoot Aurbury as they “herded and cornered” him with their pickups but declined to do so until he actually went for them and tried to take the gun.
    IMHO many things wrong here but 1st degree murder is the politically expedient conviction here in order to avoid another Ferguson.

  • Drew Link

    “Score two for the trial by jury system.”

    I think that’s correct. I found the post trial commentary too celebratory in the Arbery case. The man is dead. That’s the political, and mob, aspect. Vengeance, not justice.

    The juries are doing better than the masses.

  • steve Link

    Both juries got the results correct according to existing law. Still think we need new laws. For example the Wisconsin law that lets under 18 carry a rifle was really intended to let kids that age go hunting, which I totally approve. Letting them go act alone as untrained security guards is completely wrong.


  • Grey Shambler Link

    If the law were different, and he were in violation because of his youth, would that make him a murderer?

  • steve Link

    Maybe. Would depend upon the law that would be written. I would expect it to be something more like manslaughter.


  • Grey Shambler Link

    I’m not unaware and neither are you that Kyle Rittenhouse is not a particularly attractive teen.
    Also not unaware the media didn’t seek out older pictures from his youth that may have portrayed him in a better light as with Trayvon Martin.
    But that’s the prejudiced, bigoted media world we live in, and must fight against for justice to prevail.

  • steve Link

    The legal decision was correct, but justice? An ignorant, arrogant 17 y/o thought that he had the skills, experience, training, emotional maturity and judgment to go armed and alone into the middle of a mob. Justice would have required some form of punishment but current law does not allow for that.


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