User-friendly professions

In the last 24 hours I’ve read posts from a lawyer, an economist, and a doctor of medicine in which the bloggers complained that people who weren’t lawyers, economists, or doctors of medicine didn’t understand what it was that they did. I agree.

I wonder how lawyers, economists, and doctors of medicine think that such an outcome could occur. I believe I’d put it another way. I think I’d say “Lawyers, economists, and doctors of medicine exert insufficient efforts at making their professions user-friendly.” Just a thought.

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  • As someone in two out of those three professions (still working on the med school applications), my blogposts are (usually) attempts to explain concepts such as “due process” or “deadweight loss” to laypeople in the context of a given news story, not esoteric discussions that assume advanced knowledge.

    It all comes down to remembering your target audience — the first rule of any writer.

  • Isn’t “deadweight loss” the phenomenon wherein people supposedly weigh some few ounces less after they die, said weight loss representing either the weith of respiration products or the weight of the soul?

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