Uganda 1971 vs. U. S. 2018

Is Allan Golombek actually arguing in RealClearMarkets that the United States in 2018 is exactly the same as Uganda in 1971? I don’t recall skilled Indian workers being compelled to train their unskilled Ugandan replacements and I don’t hear an outcry here for a mass ejection of South Asian physicians.

Contrariwise I think the two situations are almost exactly the opposite of each other and that there’s a group in the United States going to great lengths in an attempt at commodifying all labor (other than a few fields that have the influence to protect themselves). In other words they want to make the “lump of labor” a reality.

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  • TastyBits

    I am flabbergasted. Mr. Golombek is old enough to know about Idi Amin.

    I guess that the 100’s of thousands people that he murdered had nothing to do with Uganda being a shithole and having a shitty economy.

    His thesis does not specify a worker’s skills or abilities, but he notes that among those expelled were experienced technicians and managers. I wonder if Mr. Golombek would have approved Uganda using the ‘Disney Model’ by having the experienced technicians and managers train their replacements before expelling them.

    Could somebody explain to me why the successful resettlement has anything to do with Uganda. Did the host countries benefit? If so, how?

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