In reaction to the unfolding scandal of sexual harassment and abuse surrounding Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and the company that bears his name, former Weinstein Co. employee Jessica Forsythe writes at RealClearMarkets:

I worked for Harvey Weinstein and it’s everything you can imagine, sans any of the presumed glamour. Curse words fly at and around you constantly, threats and bullying are the prized management modus operandi. The turnover is ridiculous and the office environment is as toxic as they come. The strategy for many employees is to throw a blow-out party at the six-month mark to numb themselves for the following six. Once that year lands on their resume, they leave skid marks a la Wile E. Coyote all the way out of Tribeca. I’m sure a special form of cancer is going to come out of 99 Hudson Street specific to the type of stress born there.

The odd thing is, no one makes any money working for Harvey Weinstein. He pays peanuts and pennies to some of the hardest workers in the United States. The whole outfit is run like a cheap insurance agency in outer Queens.

I hope none of this comes as a surprise to anyone but I’m afraid it might. I’ve known that this was what show business was like since I was a child. It has been true for a century and it may be true a century from now.

Sadly, I think that Ms. Forsythe is kidding herself. There will always be “new thing” young starlets hungry for fame and willing to sell their souls not to mention their bodies for it. I trust that the same is true for young male performers as well these days. We aren’t hearing complaints from them. Only from actresses nearing the ends of their Hollywood careers.

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  • Guarneri

    Back when my daughter had the bit part in Superman (and other assignments) we got a glimpse of the business. Just as wicked as it seems. So glad she showed no real interest in the business. I didn’t have to step in. We know people who moved to CA to chase the dream. That is, their parents chased. None made it.

  • Janis Gore

    I took some theater in my early 20s at a community college and had some roles. I then went to NYC with a man who has become a Hollywood star.

    My teacher back at the college told me, “Never Do Porn.”

  • CuriousOnlooker

    Not to take away the sadness of the situation. But with graphics rendering improving year by year; its likely within a century a lot of movies and entertainment will be done by virtual actors and actresses. Maybe that’ll make things like this less common.

    But show biz will always have some human element – “idols” just don’t have the same fantasy potential if they aren’t flesh and bones.

  • There’s actually been an evolution, CuriousOnlooker, including

    Anchors Aweigh (1945)

    Gene Kelly’s dance with Jerry the Mouse

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

    the most extensive merging of live action and animated to that time

    Hook (1991)

    They drew in Julia Roberts’s foot because she couldn’t point her toe.

    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)

    The precursor to so many of today’s pictures, in which Laurence Olivier’s image appeared with new footage despite the actor’s having died in 1989.

    To the fully realized completely digital characters in the LoTR and Star Wars Chapter 1-3.

    It’s actually taking longer than I had thought it would, possibly due to opposition from SAG and issues with estates. The incentives are huge. A digital actor doesn’t age, become a drunk, get pregnant, or have fits of temperament. Plus it’s a lot easier to replace a voice and movement than it is an actor or actress you’ve been promoting for a decade.

  • Guarneri

    Not to make it political, but to make it political.

    Noticed the scant mention of Bill Clinton? Note the rather subdued association with Hillary, Obama, Pelosi. Note that comment had to be dragged out of St. Streep?

    It’s a head scratcher.

  • Have no fear. There is no shortage of pictures of one or both of the Clintons with Weinstein, encomiums they’ve heaped upon him, etc. We’ll be treated to them for years.

  • Gray Shambler

    I’d never heard of this guy, what channel’s he on?

  • Gray Shambler

    Our own Warren Buffet says he loves Disney because you can release “Snow White” every seven years with no added costs. New crop of consumers.

  • CStanley

    The only surprise, or question, is why the bathroom be is being pulled back now.

  • CStanley

    Ha, that was supposed to be “bathrobe’

  • Andy

    I think I heard the name but didn’t know about this guy until this thing broke. All I can say is that I hope he gets what he deserves.

  • It looks like Weinstein’s career has come to an end, unless he runs for President of the US!

  • steve

    “Not to make it political, but to make it political.”

    People never get tired of this do they? I find it kind of tiresome this guilt by association thing. Plenty of creeps on both sides to go around.

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