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At The Week Matthew Walther speculates about Elizabeth Warren’s becoming the Democratic nominee:

Warren, meanwhile, is the only candidate showing signs of doing what I and many other observers said would be necessary for the eventual Democratic nominee — namely, splitting the difference between DNC establishment types and progressive activists. On paper Warren might have a great deal in common with Bernie Sanders, but her style is fundamentally different. Yes, she talks about breaking up the world’s largest corporations and increasing taxes (and even creating new ones) and single-payer health care, but she also talks about the importance of party unity. She understands that you can say “I agree with Bernie” in a debate as long you explain to donors behind closed doors that you are not here for a “revolution.” She does not shout or rant.

For all of these reasons, Warren is a great candidate in a Democratic primary and the one most likely to win the nomination if Joe Biden implodes. (Nancy Pelosi’s recent decision to make his son Hunter’s extensive knowledge of Eurasian mining infrastructure a 24/7 cable news talking point probably won’t help forestall that possibility.)

but he’s less confident of her being able to run a successful campaign against Trump:

If you don’t think Trump is capable of getting under her skin, remember that last year he single-handedly convinced her to take a freaking DNA test, the results of which she proudly reported, not-so-accidentally endorsing the “one-drop” theory. Native Americans were, rather understandably, appalled. Everyone else, with the possible exception of Trump himself, was confused. This is not how a sober-minded person responds to jibes from someone who has spent his entire life insulting people.

The Native American ancestry controversy is not going away, even if Warren does somehow manage to beat the current Super Tuesday math, which still favors Biden. How many Pocahontas jokes do you think she can stomach? Is she ready for Trump to tweet “Colors of the Wind” with her face superimposed on the Disney princess character by some teenaged alt-right sludgelord?

IMO Sen. Warren’s problems with resume-padding merely begin with her pretense of American Indian ancestry. A retort that Trump lies all of the time won’t help. We need a real straight-shooter not a complement to Trump.

Sen. Warren’s gravest problem is that she represents a single constituency of the Democratic Party—college-educated whites—and winning that constituency isn’t enough to win the election. Will she able to bring out enough blacks and Hispanics to win? We don’t know.

And don’t underestimate Trump. We only know the campaign he’s been running not the campaign he will run. He’s a wily opponent. Don’t underestimate his ability to adapt.

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  • steve Link

    ” We need a real straight-shooter not a complement to Trump.”

    I would like for that to be the choice, but I suspect it will be choosing the lesser of two evils as we are usually faced with.

    “He’s a wily opponent. Don’t underestimate his ability to adapt.”

    True. He is an excellent campaigner and is good at saying just what his base wants to hear. His time in reality TV served him well. Throw out a bunch of stuff and see what gets the best response.


  • jan Link

    One thing for sure is that Warren appeals to the liberal, white, college-educated demographic. Here in coastal CA she is considered the bees-knees to such a grouping. However, for the working class, the citizen minorities, she represents someone who will potentially pull the rug out from under any progress derived from the current presidency. Even Wall Street or high tech companies, who usually donate heavily to Democrat coffers, are wobbling on seeing someone so frenetic and strident in opposing wealth creation and the wealthy.

    In the meantime, Trump is having 3 rallies this month alone, playing not only to his base but also trying to lure indies or anti- Trump republicans into the fold – those repelled by his personality, not with his policies. Whether or not he’s successful is questionable, considering how much he has been blistered by bad press, continuing investigations raining down on his presidency, fizzling out only after contortions of content and reality are revealed. Nevertheless, their purposeful intent is to throw dirt, create chaos, and hope voters contact Trump fatigue, resulting in the Democrats returning to power.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Is it too early to begin the investigations into Warren’s personal and business life? Taxes. Foreign travel, connections? You know she’s dirty, everyone is.

  • jan Link

    Gray, what is apparent about Warren is how she turns her family heritage, as well as other biographical details, into content that will serve her ambitions. Personally, I find her conduct, damaging policies, dishonesty, and disingenuous pandering to look “normal,” is off putting.

  • TastyBits Link

    @Grey Shambler

    Maybe you have not been paying attention, but investigating a candidate is illegal unless there is an international spy in the campaign.

    Trump had Carter Page, Agent Double-O Zero (000), with a license to shill.

  • Guarneri Link

    “Will she able to bring out enough blacks and Hispanics to win?”

    And add working class anything. No. “I’m going to get me a beer” is about as phony and ineffective as it gets, Hilla, er, Lizzie.

    Unless far more Democrats than I suspect have drifted into socialism land she is too narrow.

    “He is an excellent campaigner and is good at saying just what his base wants to hear.”

    Flat assed backward.

  • Guarneri Link

    I now see that Hunter Biden was compensated for trying to help some Romanian chappy. Dude sure gets around.

    No offense to our host, but I wonder how many sweet gigs our Rennassaince Man Hunter would get if his last name was Schuler. I’m thinking a whole number between 1and -1.

  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    I am doubtful Trump can change his spots.

    He is what he’s been since 2000 or even earlier.

    Other then trade; every policy position is whatever is popular. And anything else is rigged or a conspiracy theory (not that it isn’t rigged). And whatever he manages is like the Apprentice — constant flow of people, random “you are fired”.

  • Greyshambler Link

    And now, Reports are, Nancy Pelosi’s son also sought profit in the Ukraine.
    Appears to my eye, Trump’s tax returns will eventually become public.
    This will of course, play out in the polls.

  • steve Link

    “Other then trade; every policy position is whatever is popular.”
    I would add in lower taxes for the wealthy is being a real value/goal.

    I have come to the conclusion that an absence of values, core beliefs (and morals) has been very helpful to him. He is very sensitive to what his base wants and is very willing to tell them he will give them what they want. Of course he cant, and doesn’t really care about that, but it helps maintain his popularity.


  • steve Link

    “Is it too early to begin the investigations into Warren’s personal and business life? Taxes. ”

    Typical of a Trump supporter. You guys will demand that you see Warren’s taxes (and those of every Democrat) but defend Trump’s keeping his hidden, even after he promised to reveal them. We are also going to hear about Warren’s lies, when Trump is probably the most prolific liar among major US politicians in recent history.


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