I imagine that the Biden and Trump campaigns are asking a lot of questions of themselves about now. Consider this report from the Gallup organization as of a month ago. Republicans have a one point advantage in party affiliation. That’s within the range of error. It also doesn’t tell the whole story. If you scan down the page a bit you’ll find that more independents lean Democratic than lean Republican by three points. That’s a pretty narrow difference as well.

In both cases the trend is going in the wrong way for Biden. Is that continuing, stopped, or has it reversed?

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  • Grey Shambler Link

    Here’s an article from the former chairman or the Cal. Republican party giving his ten reasons Trump may yet win.
    Interesting to me is number ten, a Gallop poll shows when asked not who they prefer, but who they think will win, 56% expect a Trump win, 40% Biden.
    May indicate support for Trump that voters are reluctant to openly express so as not to antagonize their angry progressive friends and neighbors.

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