Tread Carefully

Read the transcript of this interview with Cornel West at RealClearPolitics and my remarks might make sense.

More than one sort of “social experiment” is going on in the United States as has been recognized from its very beginnings. The experimentation isn’t limited to capitalism vs. socialism. There is also, for example, an ongoing experiment as to whether a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-confessional country can exist without tyranny or tearing itself apart. The worst thing that might happen to him is if he were to convince people that experiment were the one that is failing.

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    Guidance and direction for the young?
    Smacks of religion to me and religion’s so bad the constitution banned it. The boy scouts have been tarred, feathered, and bankrupted. West blames “society”. Who’s that?
    Seems to me that a smart guy like a tenured Harvard professor could come up with something, but then he’s not after solutions.
    He want’s to blame Mr. deep pockets, society. Reparations are the answer. I’m for them too.
    Besides, when it comes to guidance and direction for the young, Mr. Fiddy laid it all out, the Nicene Creed for inner city youth.
    Git Rich or Die Tryin!
    Or fall back on those reparations.

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