Tracking my 2006 predictions

Like many others in the blogosphere and in the media made some predictions for 2006. Some were right; some wrong; some spectactularly wrong. Here’s how I did:

Iran tests nuclear weapon. Second year in a row I’ve struck out with this prediction.
No Israeli or U. S. attack of Iran.
Republicans hold House and Senate. Well, I was spectacularly, incredibly wrong on this one. Not too many predicted what a great campaign the Democrats would run nor how foolish a campaign the Republicans would mount.
Bush not impeached over wiretape issue.
Alito confirmed.
Bush to nominate an additional Supreme Court Justice. They’re holding on ’til the bitter end.
No Social Security reform, Medicare reform, or immigration reform.
U. S. troops in Iraq stay above 100,000.
Majority Shi’a government, neither wonderful nor awful. This could be debated but I’ll give myself credit for this one.
Mostly Sunni Arab and foreign terrorist activity in Iraq. I’m not sure whether to give myself half credit or a loss on this one. Half credit.
Resurgence of Tamil terrorist activity. I’m giving myself half credit for this one, too. There’s a resurgence of Tamil-sponsored terrorist activity all right but it’s in Thailand.
Osama bin Laden not captured.

Eight our of eleven of my predictions turned out to be correct for a total of  73%.  Pretty good.

I’ll have my predictions for 2007 up tomorrow.

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