To F-16 or Not to F-16?

There has been some discussion here in comments about whether the U. S. will or will not supply the Ukrainians with F-16s. At 1945 Peter Suciu sums up the question like this:

The U.S. is reportedly discussing the option of sending the fighter jets “very carefully,” even as several issues remain – including the training involved and the fact that a steady supply of spare parts would need to be supplied. However, it is increasingly looking like it will simply be a matter of time until Ukraine is also provided with the combat aircraft.

The remaining questions are how the aircraft would be supplied and maintained. If they’re maintained by American technicians, that will carry a heightened level of risk.

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  • jan Link

    What Zelensky wants, Zelensky gets. At least that has been the current
    “giving” pattern of this country. Tanks, Patriot missiles, of course F-16s will soon be on their way to Ukraine. It will just give Zelensky more room on his never-ending “wish list” that the Biden Administration is more than willing to comply with!

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