Those Were the Days

Something written in comments took me back nearly 50 years. When I was in high school, back when other guys were forming garage bands and playing rock ‘n roll, a couple of high school chums and I had what might loosely be described as a “folk group”. Our music was an oddly eclectic mixture of traditional folk music, contemporary music in the folk style, and Mexican popular music of the 40s and 50s. Much of what we performed was stuff that had been popularized by Los Panchos, stars of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, as I learned many years later. All of us played guitar. We got a few paying gigs, maybe a half dozen.

One of our group was Colombian, another of Sicilian descent who spoke Spanish reasonably well. Then there was me—the only non-Latin. If you listen to the video above of Los Panchos performing Malagueña Salerosa, I sang the high descant solo line. Those were the days!

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