There’s Something I Don’t See Everyday

This morning as Kara and I returned from our walk (about 55 minutes, 3 miles with me bearing 30 lb. of wrist and ankle weights) we were treated to the sight above. I couldn’t tell immediately if the man were breathing. I went into the house to see if my wife knew anything about him. She didn’t.

Concerned that he needed help but also concerned that he might be violent, I had my wife call 911 while I monitored the situation outside. The man did not respond to our inquiries.

Within a few minutes some Fire Department paramedics and a CPD squad car had arrived. The paramedics got him to his feet, checked his pockets (screw driver, pocket knife, pack of cigarettes), put him on a stretcher, and took him off. I don’t know whether for treatment or to sleep it off or, maybe some of both.

And that was our adventure for this morning.

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  • GreyShambler Link

    I saw that about 20 years ago on our sidewalk one morning. I walked up and touched his back. Glad I wasn’t standing right over him, he sprang up very suddenly and raced off. I’ll never know, but I believe when you drink very heavily, there’s a point where you’ll pass out no matter where you are.

  • steve Link

    Was he facing East?


  • South, actually. He didn’t look like a proponent of the Lost Cause.

  • Andy Link

    My first thought at seeing the picture was a landscaper listening for a leaking irrigation system as I used to do that back when I was a landscape laborer.

  • That’s what I initially thought, Andy. Or maybe listening for termites. But when he didn’t move I became concerned.

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