There’s Always a First Time

For the first time I am envious of the Russians. In counter-sanctions the following people have been banned from entering Russia:

  • Caroline Atkinson
  • Daniel Pfeiffer
  • Benjamin Rhodes
  • Harry Reid
  • John Boehner
  • Robert Menendez
  • Mary Landrieu
  • John McCain
  • Daniel Coats

Isn’t there some way we could get them banned from entering this country?

Hat tip: Zero Hedge

This reminds me of a great Soviet-era joke which I’ll repeat if I get the time.


Okay. Here’s the joke.

It’s Moscow in the 1970s in the middle of winter. A rumor spreads through the city that meat will be available for sale the next day at Butcher’s Shop No. 1.

Tens of thousands turn up on the eve of the event: wrapped up against the cold, carrying stools, vodka, and chessboards, they form an orderly queue.

At 3 am the butcher comes out and says, “Comrades, I’ve just had a call from the Party Central Committee: it turns out there won’t be enough meat for everyone, so the Jews in the queue should go home.”

The Jews obediently leave the queue. The rest continue to wait.

At 7 am, the butcher comes out again: “Comrades, I’ve just had another call from Central Committee. It turns out there will be no meat at all, so you should all go home.”

The crowd disperses, grumbling all the while: “Those Jews have all the luck!”

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  • PD Shaw

    There is a delegation of Ukrainians visiting Springfield, IL for a State Dept. sponsored study of the “Civic Rule of Law” for a week starting tomorrow. It sounds like the group are legal counselors to the Rada.

    The U.S. sponsors a lot of these programs for national-building and cultural exchange. And Lincoln is a big draw internationally; he might even be more popular overseas than in some parts of this country. 😉

  • ...

    They sent them to Illinois to study rule of law? Is this about showing them how not to get caught?

  • Let it never be said that Illinois is not inspiring. We can always serve as an object lesson.

  • PD Shaw

    You’ll notice the Illinois influence if you ever see a member of the Rada wearing a t-shirt that says:

    “Impeachment — it’s bleeping golden”

  • PD Shaw

    Full reference: “We have this thing called impeachment and it’s bleeping golden, and we’ve used it the right way.” (Rev. James Meeks, casting vote in Blagojevich impeachment) There were t-shirts produced based on this quote.

  • ...

    Don’t you mean abject lesson?

  • PD Shaw

    BTW/ I notice Durbin is not on the list and he went on the recent fact-finding mission to Ukraine w/ McCain. Durbin is the senior leader of the mission and he is publicly calling for arming the Ukrainians, etc.

    I’m really curious/amused by the thought process that went into this list. Mary Landrieu? Are they trying to help her get re-elected?

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