The Water’s Edge

Just as an off-hand remark I think that Americans should stay out of Israeli domestic politics and Israelis should stay out of American domestic politics.

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    Good luck with that. Too many rich people with de facto, if not de jeure, duel citizenship.

  • duel citizenship

    Now there’s a Freudian slip worth thinking about.

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    I think the auto-d mplete on my phone did that! It also made the typo in the first sentence, which I’ll leave. Weird. I’m noticing a lot of strange syntax and misspellings recently from people I know that don’t usually thosesuch mistakes.

    And I typed suchlike and got thosesuch. Shit , it did it again. WTF does my phone nw have against the word Sichuan? Goddamn, WTF?

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    SUCH, goddamnit SUCH!

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