The Very, Very, Very Late Christmas Card

Throughout the Christmas season while we eat our dinner my wife and I open the Christmas cards we’ve received that day. Imagine our surprise the other night when we opened one envelope and inside was a 30 year old Christmas card and a note. The note, from someone we’ve never met or heard of, explained that they’d bought the card, stamped, addressed to us and unopened, at a flea market and they’d decided to forward it on to us. The postage of thirty years ago was inadequate to mail the card so they’d added some new stamps to the 30 year old stamp still affixed to the envelope.

People sometimes do remarkable things. Now we have a mystery to unravel.

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  • Wow, that is pretty amazing!

  • michael reynolds Link

    That is very cool. That’s the start of a story.

  • Regardless of realities, my identity is Irish with some Southern overtones. Consequently, for me everything is a story.

  • “We weren’t through talking” is engraved on a headstone in the new section of the veterans cemetery in Natchez, MS.

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