The Twilight of American Internationalism

Hal Brands’s article at War on the Rocks on American internationalism in the Trump years is a good one, too. IMO American internationalists have quite a chore on their hands. They’ve got to convince a lot more Americans that internationalism, at least as they define it, is good for them.

How that can be accomplished when immigrants capture a large percentage of the job gains and the wealthiest 1% of Americans capture most of the income gains is hard for me to reckon. A very large number of Americans clearly don’t think internationalism has worked for them. What if they’re right?

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  • Guarneri

    What does internationalism have to do with pumped up valuation multiples in the equities markets for the 1%, and artificially depressed fixed income yields for the 99%?

  • Gray Shambler

    And every day, the President we elected to effect change, is spoken about on the news as someone who will soon be impeached.

    Russians, Russians, Russians. F That, the enemy is within the gates, and controls the content and flow of information. I expect lies when I access media, never disappointed.
    They say it doesn’t matter, working class white males are dead dinosaurs. They lost the last three election cycles, maybe they will be right next time.

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