The shed

I posted before about getting the permit to put up our new shed and about dismantling the old shed. Here’s the story of putting up the new shed.

Once the shed was dismantled all that was left was the floor (Cooper left it so that rain wouldn’t soak the ground underneath).

The floor of the old she

I was a little surprised, given the state of the weather, that Cooper came back on Monday. But he did, in fact, return with an assistant and his pickup truck was loaded with the the already-assembled pieces of the new shed: floor and the four walls. Here’s the new floor set in place.

The floor of the new shed set in place

On Tuesday Cooper and his assistant came back, leveled the floor of the new shed, and put the walls in place. That’s Cooper in the picture there. He’d just finished installing the door. Now we’re getting somewhere.
Getting some place with the new shed

Then he put on the roof:
Masking the base of the shed

The next day he put on a few finishing touches: masking the base of the shed and trim.

Finishing touches on the shed

It was at this point that my next door neighbor came out and commented on how beautiful the new shed was: “It’s just like a dacha!”

The next day Cooper put the tar paper and shingles on the roof and he was done!

The new shed, completed

The one thing I haven’t mentioned about the new shed is the smell. With all that new cedar it smells incredibly good!

As I’ve said before Cooper was a very personable guy and he did a nice job on the shed. And he left a nice, clean work site. If you’re looking for a roof or shed man in Chicago, here’s his contact information:

C. Cooper
Specializing in wood, PVC fencing, and storage sheds.

(312) 310-2480
(219) 937-9416

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  • Dave, I just put up a shed in my backyard, what a job that was! Cooper did an excellent job on this one.

  • this shed is great…starting on one this week…hope it turns
    has good as this.

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