The Pumpkin Rush of 2009

Is it just that they’ve run out of last year’s crop or is there something else going on? For reasons I won’t bother going into we are consumers of canned solid pack pumpkin year ’round. This afternoon I checked Jewel, Dominicks (Safeway), Whole Foods, Morningstar, and my local neighborhood grocery store, Happy Foods. All of them were sold out of canned solid pack pumpkin.

What, is there some fad diet that recommends it?

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    I’m hoping Linus Van Pelt, the new Pumpkin Czar, can do something about this.

  • PD Shaw Link

    Somewhere btw/ 80 – 95 percent of processed pumpkins come from Illinois, particularly about 100 miles from the Libby plant in Morton, IL. Living in the pumpkin zone, I hadn’t heard anthing.

  • Drew Link

    Simple, really. President Obama and Harry Reid have conspired to send out secret task forces to harvest and hide the crop in salt mines in Nevada. This shortage will benefit farmers who voted for Obama in IL, and Harry’s salt mine operators.

    After the windfall profits the pumpkin cans will be magically discovered and released in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas to destroy Republican voting pecan pie ingredient suppliers in the South.

    Its true. Spread it.


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