The Post-Election Day Collapse

As is usual for me after an election day, having worked the previous day for sixteen hours, eating poorly, and hardly even taking a potty break, I’m a wreck today. Yesterday’s election in Chicago was chaos. Even more than usual. The city had decreased the number of precincts as a cost-saving move and correspondingly increased the number of registered voters per precinct. Not only did that mean that we had more to do (which was good) but neither the space in the facility nor the materials we received were really adequate for the greater number of people. There were lines albeit not huge ones but even waiting more than 10 minutes means grouchy people.

A lot of voters only vote every four years—for president. That means that lots of voters have canvass challenges, have been canvassed out, people who’ve never bothered to register show up and insist they’re registered, and all sorts of other messes to clean up.

I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. I’ll be in and out all day.

The results turned out much as I expected them to, proving that strong partisans of both stripes were kidding themselves. I’ll try to post later on the things we’ve learned this cycle. My guess is not much.

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  • Dave,

    Just take the day off from the blog. Use the time for a nap, or quiet reflection, or time on the bag. Heck, take a couple of days, we won’t mind.

    Upper Management

  • Maxwell James Link

    Thank you for volunteering to do this every cycle.

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