The Picture of Dorian Gray

“When they entered, they found hanging upon the wall a splendid
portrait of their master as they had last seen him, in all
the wonder of his exquisite youth and beauty. Lying on the floor
was a dead man, in evening dress, with a knife in his heart.
He was withered, wrinkled, and loathsome of visage.
It was not till they had examined the rings that they
recognized who it was.”
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Did anyone see the interview with Gloria Vanderbilt on CBS News Sunday Morning yesterday? The woman is 80 years old for goodness sake. She actually looks a little better than she did twenty years ago. There certainly are some things that money can buy.

I’ve got a favorite Gloria Vanderbilt joke. It’s a little crude but bear with me. I don’t recall who said this in an interview. Could it have been Truman Capote? “One more facelift and she’ll be wearing a goatee.”

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  • That’s a variation on a facelift joke about a doctor who installs a couple of screws in the scalp that you can just turn every time you need a tightening. One woman over-tightens them, and she tells the doc, “I can live with the bags under my eyes, but the beard . . . “

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