The Great Identity Politics War

Juliette Ochieng AKA Baldilocks has an interesting take on the sparring going on between the Obama and Clinton campaigns.

The remarkable thing about the statements as a tactic is this: it changes the nature of this war–a war called the 2008 Democrat nomination process, but is one that may be dubbed the Great Identity Politics War when we look back on it.

Obama has–wisely–changed to a more vulnerable target. No longer does the battle pit Man against Woman–one in which the woman is perceived to be the underdog even if the man is black and the woman is white. Now it’s Black Man against White Man–and you know who the alleged underdog is in this battle.

Check it out.

As I see it the likely outcomes of the intraparty squabbling are:

  • After primary season is over, Democrats link arms against the common enemy (Republicans).
  • The isolation of African American voters within the Democratic Party is lasting.
  • Bill Clinton succeeds in undermining his standing within the African American community.

or some combination of the above.

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