The Funny Man

Today is the centenary of Ernie Kovacs’s birth. I recall watching his short-lived program on television back in the early 60s. It was brilliant. There was nothing else on television like it.

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  • sam Link

    He was a very funny man. I doubt the Song of the Nairobi Trio would go over very well today. Pity.

  • I think his humor had very much the same sort of anarchy as that of the Marx Brothers. Sadly, humor is either dead or dying.

  • Guarneri Link

    “Sadly, humor is either dead or dying.”

    Sight gags, raunch and political correctness.

  • bob sykes Link

    His wife, Edie Adams could sing and act and was a babe. He died prematurely in a car accident in the early 60’s.

    You’re on a roll. How about Syd Caesar and Martha Rae or Steve Allen, the original Tonight Show host and the Men of the Street?

    Hi, Ho Steverino..

    What, me?

  • His wife, Edie Adams could sing and act and was a babe.

    After Kovacs’s death to support herself and her children she went back to work, beginning with a series of very memorable ads for Muriel cigars. Like nearly everything else they’re on Youtube.

    Her most memorable movie role is probably playing Sid Caesar’s wife in It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, which sort of hid her light under a bushel.

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