The Emerging Disaffected Majority

I found this passage, quoted in an essay by Mike Gonzalez at Law and Liberty telling:

Even John Judis, one of the co-writers of the Emerging Democratic Majority, is starting to have second thoughts. “‘People of color’ is a term that’s been adopted by the cultural left as a way of arguing that if these groups proportionately voted Democratic in the past, they will do so in the future,” Mr. Judis told the New York Times recently. “I don’t see how you can make the argument.”

I have long felt that the interest group politics adopted by far too many Democrats has made a fundamental category error: focusing too narrowly on skin color rather than on life experience. The reality is that the life experience of a recent Nigerian immigrant today is enormously different from that of an African-American, the descendant of slaves, 60 years ago. Blacks do not comprise a majority in the U. S. and are unlikely ever to be so and that brings challenges.

What I think is likely to continue to happen is that the mulatto and mestizo populations of the U. S. will continue to grow, that most of them will consider themselves white and will be considered as such by all but the most hidebound racists who adhere to the old “one-drop rule”, which has its advocates both on the left and the right.

I also think that much of the racial agitation we have seen over the last months has been at least in part fomented by the recognition that claiming privileges and power based on skin color will be decreasingly relevant in the coming years rather than more so. I think that the lock that Democrats have had on urban centers, largely produced by their reliable black supporters, will erode as blacks leave these urban centers.

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  • bob sykes Link

    I think the Virginia “One Drop Rule” is still fully in force, and that very few mestizos or mulattoes will ever be regarded as White. But in the current climate, with identitarianism rampant and anti-White discrimination fully justified and incited, no mestizo or mulatto wants to be White.

    Federal law requires that one need only be 1/16 th (1/2^4) Indian to claim membership in a tribe. Warren is more like 1/2^10.

    The real problem is that Mexicans and blacks hate each other. Mexican immigrants have pretty much ethnically cleansed Los Angeles and other parts of SoCal of blacks. Much of the gang violence in major cities is Mexican vs. black.

    Racial animosity is not going away. It will just have different dance partners. As the White population becomes an ever smaller fraction of the whole, I expect anti-black racism to increase.

    In cities like Minneapolis and Columbus, Ohio, which have large Somali populations, there is a great deal of black/Somali antagonism and gang warfare. But then, Somalis are not West African Bantus like the vast majority of African Americans. They separate out in Africa as a separate race, one of a dozen or more on the continent.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Bob makes a good point. In our white arrogance, we lump blacks together, they may certainly not. Ditto latinxxxx or whatever is fashionable now.
    Remember also that POC is dated, it’s now BIPOC. Every splinter group wants in on the action. If I were a political consultant, I’d caution against lies, but I’m not, I’m only retiring away in a disintegrating society.

  • According to Pew Research nearly 50% of Hispanics presently in the U. S. consider themselves white and that percentage has been growing rapidly year by year. It will only increase.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    If anyone is interested, The Nebraska advisory committee to the U.S Commission on Civil Rights is holding an online discussion on the use of native names as mascots in three online sessions starting Monday out of Chicago.

    The Nebraska representative is 35 year old Everett Baxter Jr. My wife’s sister’s son, my nephew, and the tribal council chairman of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska. IMO, the kid is going places.

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