The Council Has Spoken!

The Watcher’s Council has announced its winners for the past week. This week the winner in the Council post category was Wolf Howling’s “The Roots Of Slavery & The Races Hustlers’ Holy Grail – Reparations”. Second place honors went to American Digest’s “The Circumnambulation of Queen Anne”, an interesting walking tour of the neighborhood of Seattle in which Gerard lives which I am tempted to emulate for my own neighborhood of Chicago.

The winning non-Council post was The Belmont Club/Pajamas Media’s“The Washington Monument” for which I voted. Second place honors went to Doug Ross @ Journal’s “Irony-meter breaks: La Raza, MEChA and other racial separatist groups worry that law enforcement might use racial profiling to enforce laws”.

The complete results are here.

I’ve gotten dreadfully behind on posting the Council winners and I’ll try to catch up over the period of the next few days.

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  • Maxwell James Link

    After taking a look at the Wolf Howling piece, I have to say I don’t understand why you continue to participate in this club.

    You are a consistently thoughtful and reasonable writer with a strong command of facts and an admirable commitment to honesty. That piece, by contrast, was authored by someone with no sense of honesty whatsoever. He took 10% Prof. Gates’ op-ed to construct a massive strawman to whale against, ignoring the other 90% that did not fit his predetermined opinion. That your other “council” members voted for it says nothing good about either their credibility, or their willingness to engage with anyone outside their own echo chambers.

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