The Council Has Spoken!

The Watcher’s Council has announced its picks for the most outstanding posts of the preceding week. The winner in the Council post category was Soccer Dad’s post, “”Evolution” = “Growth””. Second place honors went to Joshuapundit for “Lebanon Becomes Hezbollahstan”. Tied was second place was Wolf Howling’s, “The Audacity of Newsweek”. Frankly, I think that the press’s inclination to go easy on Sen. Obama will ultimately work to his detriment. The big professional news outlets just don’t have hegemony over the dissemination of information anymore.

The winning non-Council post was Kaboom: A Soldier’s War Journal’s “Numb”, which I nominated. One of the most fascinating phenomena of the Iraq conflict has been the online journals of American soldiers serving there. This is a fine example of the genre. Second place honors went to Baseball Crank’s “POLITICS: Yes, Experience Matters”.

The complete results are here.

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