The Council Has Spoken!

The Watcher’s Council has announced its picks for the most outstanding posts of the preceding week. The winning Council post was Right Wing Nut House’s post, “Little Noted But Long Remembered”, Rick’s thoughts on the 38th anniversary of Apollo 11. Sharing second place honors were Cheat Seeking Missiles’s “Russia vs. the U. S.—No Contest”, a very interesting case study of the differences in business climate between the two countries, and The Colossus of Rhodey’s “Boy, Was Thomas Rightt” about racial and religious integration in the schools in Britain.

The winning non-Council post was The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s post, “ON THE FRONTLINE / Cpl. JOHN MATTHEW BISHOP: In the Shadows of Fallen Comrades”. Second place honors went to Don Surber’s post, “Name That Party: Investigators”.

The complete results are here.

I’ve just realized that, with all of the problems I was having with my blog last week, I neglected to link to last week’s Council selections. In remedy of that omission, the winning Council post was Bookworm Room’s post, “Harry Potter and Ostrich Syndrome”. There was a three-way tie for second place with Right Wing Nut House’s “Are Conservatives Really Hoping for Another 9/11?”, Soccer Dad’s “A President’s Legacy Quick Fix Playground—the Middle East”, and Done With Mirrors’s “Pangloss” sharing the honors.

The winning non-Council post was TCS Daily’s post, “Myths and Realities of the George Bush Presidency”. Second place honors went to All Things Beautiful for “Politics of Terror Reign Supreme”.

The complete results are here.

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