The China 12 Step

Here’s the conclusion of Robert D. Atkinson’s Washington Post op-ed on the first step to the road to recovery in healing the U. S.’s relationship with China:

Rather than dismiss the threat Chinese innovation mercantilist practices pose to the U.S. economy, jobs and national security, the Washington establishment needs to publicly acknowledge that the threat is serious and that China needs to be confronted — not only to protect the U.S. economy and national security but also to save the very soul of the global trading system. Only then can we engage in a productive critique of the Trump administration’s tactics, including its over-reliance on tariffs and its unwillingness to assemble a global coalition of the willing to pressure China to reform. Denying that China’s actions pose a grave threat and placing the blame on ourselves will only fan the flames of protectionism and cause even greater harm.

I suspect hie recommendation will fall on deaf ears. Too many people are making too much money from things as they are.

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