The Bottom Ten

I see that the senior senator from the great state of Illinois, Dick Durbin, is one of the ten senators with the lowest approval ratings according to the Morning Consult. Quick, have a baby!

Oh, well. His approval rate is higher than Rauner’s, so that’s something. It ain’t every state that can have its governor and one of its senators in the bottom ten.

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  • Chinese Jetpilot Link

    “Quick, have a baby!”

    [9 months later]

    “No, Dick. You were supposed to have one with your WIFE!”

  • The junior senator from Illinois just had a baby—the first sitting senator to give birth while serving her term of office. She polls much better than Durbin, something I attribute to the positive press she’s received during her pregnancy, intersectionality (she’s a disabled minority woman veteran), and to how short a time she’s served.

  • PD Shaw Link

    Not clear why Durbin’s approval rating has dropped; seems like he had comparable ratings with Senator Obama, and I wonder if longevity is weighing him down.

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