The Best Old Sitcom I’m Watching

As I’ve mentioned before I subscribe to Amazon Prime. It’s not as worthwhile for us as it was when I was purchasing a lot of equipment and taking advantage of Amazon’s free two-day delivery but we continue to buy enough online that it’s still worthwhile.

One of the perks of Amazon Prime is Prime Video. You can stream thousands of different movies and television programs, some old, some new, some domestic, some foreign. I’m using Prime Video, for example, to brush up on my Russian by watching Russian television programs.

Recently, we discovered a gem of a Canadian situation comedy from the recent past that I’d never heard of: Corner Gas (2004-2009). We find it hysterically funny. It takes place in a tiny town in rural Saskatewan that consists, mostly, of a gas station and a cafe. Here’s the words to its theme song:

You can tell me that your dog ran away
Then tell me that it took three days
I’ve heard every joke
I’ve heard every one you’d say
You think there’s not a lot goin’ on
Look closer baby, you’re so wrong
And that’s why you can stay so long
Where there’s not a lot goin’ on.

If you’re on Prime (or find it somewhere else) check it out.

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  • bob sykes Link

    Thanks for the hint. I’ll look it up later today.

    You might like to know that Netflix is rerunning the old TV series the Naked City. I’m watching again, now, after what must be 50 years. And I’m liking it.

  • I’ll look for it. There was quite a bit of acting talent in that show. One of its recurring performers, James Franciscus, was sort of an acquaintance of mine. We had the same pediatrician.

    BTW, I hate to break it to you but it’s been 60 years. I remember watching it in first run but not since then. Not long ago I watched Yancy Derringer and Peter Gunn over on Amazon Prime. They hold up pretty well. I haven’t had the courage to check out Route 66 yet. I loved it in first run but I wonder whether it will hold up.

  • bob sykes Link

    My bad, it’s on Amazon Prime.

    Well, I’m 75 years old. I remember The Honeymooners and Sid Cesar as first runs, and American Bandstand, Ed Sullivan. I used to watch the Friday Night Fights with my dad back when there were still White heavy weights.

  • I remember The Honeymooners and Sid Cesar as first runs

    Yeah, me too. I loved Imogene Coca when she was Cesar’s partner on Your Show of Shows. We watched a lot of variety shows. Jimmy Durante, Perry Como, Eddie Fisher, Ed Sulllivan.

    I checked out Stanley (1956-1957) on Prime. I loved it in first run but I don’t think it stands up. The only reason to watch it is the 23 year old Carol Burnett. I think that My Little Margie (1952-1955) does stand up but is probably unwatchable by today’s young people.

  • Guarneri Link

    Brushing up on your Russian, eh. I knew it. I just knew it. A Russian spy. Adam Schiff and Rachel Maddow would like to speak with you.

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