The Art of the Deal

There’s an interesting but telling sentence in Mort Kondracke’s column considering whether President Obama will make a deal with Republicans on spending. Here it is:

Republicans impeached Clinton, and still he reached deals with them to balance the budget and enact welfare reform.

I think this is a mis-stating of the sequence of events. A more accurate formulation would be “Bill Clinton reached deals with Republicans to balance the budget and enact welfare reform but they impeached him anyway.” That formulation might go some way towards explaining the zero-sum approach that President Obama has taken towards negotiations during his presidency.

Nonetheless, I agree with the general thrust of the piece:

Certainly, the political gridlock of his first term was not all his fault. But he’s the president, and by every historical standard of negotiating leadership in partisan times — Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon B. Johnson, Bill Clinton — he falls short.

President Obama will get what he wants or we’re going over the cliff.

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  • Isn’t that fun, avuncular Dave?

  • The Revelation ain’t so terrifying after all, is it?


  • I really have to get those boxes of satsumas out tomorrow. Damn Sunoco.

  • Thank you for your patience.

  • But in a recent poll 50% of Republicans believe this election was stolen.

    How many Democrats thought Bush stole the 2000 election?

    Do we pass legislation outlawing vaccination? No. Do they pass legislation requiring vaginal ultrasounds? Yes. If your kids go to a public school and learn science, it will be because Democrats stopped Republicans from teaching mythology instead.

    As to passing legislation? Not that I’m aware of, but there is this. And the anti-GM Food groups are legislatively active (<a href=""example, see this too).

    Really you keep saying something that Republicans do, that the Crazy Left doesn’t do and 3 minutes of googling tells me….nope the Crazy Left does it too.

    Really, stop pretending your group is better. That is the first step towards bigotry.

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