The Adventures of Anonymous

In his most recent Wall Street Journal column James Freeman remarks on the active life of Anonymous:

The government “whistleblower” seeking to overturn the results of an election in which more than 120 million Americans identified themselves and then voted is still insisting on anonymity. But a second anonymous federal employee is now blowing the whistle on the first one, alleging a problem with anonymous donations.

Gregg Re of Fox News reports:

A newly filed complaint to the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) alleges that the whistleblower whose allegations touched off House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry may have violated federal law by indirectly soliciting more than a quarter-million dollars from mostly anonymous sources via a GoFundMe page.
The complaint, which was filed last week and obtained by Fox News, alleged the donations from roughly 6,000 individuals “clearly constitute” gifts to a current intelligence official that may be restricted because of the employee’s official position pursuant to 5 CFR 2635.203 and other statutes. To date, the GoFundMe has raised over $227,000.
The first anonymous whistleblower’s lawyer tells Fox that the fundraising is being conducted legally. None of the attorneys involved is seeking to remain anonymous.

Another fundraising effort, which does not appear to be related, is the anonymous publication of a book critical of the President and purportedly written by a senior government official. “White House laughs off Anonymous book as old news” is the headline on a Politico story by Daniel Lippman.

None of which is really relevant to much of anything at all. I just find it amusing. Or frustrating. I guess that’s the cost of a 24-7 news cycle and social media. Never have so many done so much anonymously. It’s like everyone has become Sy Hersh.

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  • Guarneri Link

    Well, the accusations against Trump certainly come from anonymous or second and third hand sources.

    But in Wednesday’s testimony, not so much. For example:

    “Team Biden explains away his demand for Shokin’s ouster as an effort to replace one corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor with a more credible official. This is the line the media and Biden continue to parrot.

    Biden’s defense, however, took a blow on Wednesday. Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) noted there are “dozens and dozens of countries steeped in corruption.” These nations, Stewart added, are home to hundreds of corrupt government officials. Kent and Taylor agreed.

    But here was the crusher: “Can you give me an example any time where the vice president of the United States shows up and demands that a specific prosecutor be fired and gives them a six-hour time limit to do that?” Stewart asked Kent and Taylor. “Are you aware of that happening any other place?’

    Neither answered. “I guess the answer is no,” Stewart said. They also concurred when Stewart suggested that someone should not be shielded from any sort of investigation because they are a candidate for public office. “No one is above the law, sir,” Kent replied.”

    And for the interested student, as they say, John Solomon has a readable and credible story based upon hundreds of source documents, multiple interviews (some taped) and other documented investigations. Decidedly not anonymous, and a diametrically different story than being peddled in the popular media and Democrats, which is largely based upon opinion and conjecture.

    As a note, the former Ambassador will no doubt be painted as a sympathetic figure – practically a hero – today. A review of sworn testimony and public statements paints a picture of a woman who engaged in interference in Ukraine’s internal affairs, to and including developing a list of who could and could not be investigated for corrupt activities, and DNC involvement with Ukraine in the 2016 election. All in the service of running interference for the Obama Administration. And none of it anonymous or third hand.

  • steve Link

    Looks like Drew got a new tin foil hat. Those come with a feather?


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