The 2008 Weblog Awards Are Over

The 2008 Weblog Awards are over. You can click on the icon in the right sidebar to see the winners. The Glittering Eye didn’t win in its category but it didn’t place dead last, either. Since the blog’s “influence” as measured by its Technorati rating was as low as it could be and still be counted in that category , I was competing against blogs with a significantly wider readership than mine and I was satisfied with the outcome. As a consequence of the awards I also identified a couple of blogs with which I hadn’t been familiar that I’ll be checking up on from time to time.

I am very grateful to everyone who voted for The Glittering Eye and especially to bloggers who cared enough to endorse me especially Mark Safranski, James Joyner, Lance Mannion, and Blackfive. Thanks, everybody. I deeply appreciate your confidence.

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