Thanksgiving 2011

Yesterday we bade farewell to our last houseguests, sending with them a couple of pounds of turkey each. Our 2011 Thanksgiving is now in the past.

We had 16 for dinner: three siblings, two of their spouses, five of my nephews and nieces, one of my nephews’ girl friends, a dear old friend, the daughter of dear old friends and a friend of hers, my wife, and me. Three of my nephews were unable to join us, a combination of family and work obligations.

I love a full house for Thanksgiving. My siblings and their spouses stayed with us. The young folks stayed with my niece who lives in town. Quite a slumber party!

Above is a picture of my nephews and nieces who were in attendance and my nephew’s girl friend. All exceptionally bright, personable, attractive, hard-working, accomplished young people. I believe you’d be hard put to find a nicer group anywhere.

For what we have received may we be truly thankful.

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  • michael reynolds Link

    That’s a damned fine looking bunch of humans. You sure you’re related?

  • I think that the young man and woman in the center (and one of their cousins, Dan, not pictured) look the most like my siblings and me.

  • Claire Link

    It was such a wonderful holiday! Thank you for helping make it so magical and memorable. We love you!

  • Brett Link

    I’ll second Michael – those are some good-looking family members. My family members all tend towards stoutness, even among those who aren’t short.

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