Take Thy Bill and Write Fifty

Let’s face it. You can’t keep the UN’s bureaucrats on champagne and caviar on a shoestring. Have no fear! They’ve come up with a solution to the problem: taxes whose proceeds would go to the UN. Among the taxes they’re proposing are:

  • A billionaire’s tax of 1% of total wealth to yield $40 billion.
  • A carbon tax of $25 per tonne to yield $250 billion.
  • A tax of 0.005 percent on all currency transactions in the dollar, yen, euro and pound sterling to yield $40 billion a year.
  • A portion of a proposed European Union tax on financial transactions for international cooperation to yield more than $70 billion a year.

The proceeds would be used to help “poor countries”. Of course, I’m sure that will require some studies. Lots and lots of studies. And administrators. Lots and lots of administrators.

The tax that leapt out at me was the carbon tax. $25 per tonne as measured by whom? I question their math (I think it would yield a lot more than that). I look forward to the UN’s extracting $176 billion per year from China. Imagine the UN bureaucrats’ surprise when China’s 7 billion metric tonnes per year of carbon dioxide suddenly becomes zero, literally with the stroke of a pen.

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  • TastyBits Link

    From the linked article:

    The idea could appeal to the likes of Warren Buffett, the US tycoon who has complained that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. …

    If it includes all wealth with no loopholes, I would like to see it implemented in the US. I would include the immediate family’s wealth as well. It will never happen, but I would like to see the “I’m not taxed enough” crowd’s reaction.

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