Sunday Night Bath

That’s pretty much the view looking out the door of my hotel in Bath, England. It’s the Francis Hotel if you’re interested.

My new gig has taken me to Bath where I’m planning on meeting with their customer and, perhaps, doing a bit of training. I will be here for a bit and while I am posting may be a bit sparser than is usual for me.

If you don’t know about it Bath is a small town in Somerset that has been renowned as a spa for millennia. The Romans built a beautiful baths here, some of which remains. Bath was sort of rediscovered in the 18th century and there was a lot of development then. Much of the construction here was built during that period. The obelisk in the picture at the top of this post was built in the early 1700s to honor the then Prince of Wales who, presumably, provided a lot of money for that 18th century development.

The hotel in which I’m staying appears to be a combination of an old residential hotel with new construction that was built over the ruins of the old buildings, destroyed by German bombs during the war.

I’ll keep you informed about my adventures.

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  • jan

    Were you able to take your wife with you?

  • Sadly, my wife’s job precludes her joining me on this trip. Her colleagues nearly panicked merely at the thought of her leaving..

  • Do take the opportunity to have a Bath Bun (aka Sally Lunn bun). And of course, visit the baths. Some of the residential terraces are pretty nice, too.

  • Andy

    Bath is lovely, but I’m sure full of tourists at present. The baths are a must see, but I have fonder memories of the parks and abbey.

  • Ann Julien

    OOOhhh, oooohhh! Have a lovely stay! So amazing your new gig includes travel experiences such as this! I just finished reading “Persuasion”, Jane Austen’s last novel, which takes place mostly in Bath. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Was the title of your post intentional? knowing you, my big brother, I think so 😉 It sounds like you only take a bath once a week, on Sunday nights 🙂 Sunday Night Bath. Have a great trip.

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