Status Report

I have now officially worked for one month at the new gig. I’ve also been paid and my earnings this month boost my total earnings for the year over my earnings for all of last year. Assuming I work through the end of the year, my earnings for 2014 will exceed my earnings for 2013 by several multiples. Money is not a primary motivation for me but having some does take the pressure off.

I had a chat with the guy who hired me on Friday. He told me he was delighted with what I was doing which is always reassuring.

As it turns out the pretext for retaining my services and the reason they hired me while not inconsistent were not identical. That is not surprising to me. The justifications for doing things and the reasons for doing them are frequently not the same. In this particular case I am routinely being asked to set policy for the company, something with which under the circumstances I’m not completely comfortable. Somebody needs to do it.

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  • michael reynolds

    If there’s one guy suited to creating policies I’m pretty sure it’s you. I’m sort of vicariously excited by your progress. 60 is now just a little over a month away for me, and there’s something awfully reassuring about seeing that another old war horse still has what it takes to charge the guns.

  • As I think I’ve mentioned before in one or another of these status reports, in this gig I’m pretty much doing what I was doing 30 years ago. I’m better at it now. I’m more patient and temperate and been around the block a few more times.

  • steve

    Setting policy or enforcing it? Sounds like they want you to be the bad guy for a while.


  • jan

    Dave, it’t hard to trump someone who has both competence and experience. I’m happy for you. However, you apparently have earned the good reviews and confidence from your bosses.

  • Andy

    Michael echoes my thoughts. It sounds like this gig might provide you with future clients as well.

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