Status Report

This week I begin my third week at the new gig. I’ve already accomplished quite a bit there and expect to accomplish more.

I’m the oldest person in the office there, decades older than most of the workers, older than the top managers. Many of the kids have no idea of how much difference experience makes.

The nine to five grind is physically taxing. I’m exhausted at the end of the day. It would be less exhausting if it were more interesting, something I’m hoping will happen. I’m also hoping that over time they’ll put less emphasis on physical presence and let me work more from home, a possibility that was extended to me when I started but not one that I solicited.

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  • jan

    Is this a temporary gig, or a permanent one?

  • That remains to be seen. At this point I’m working on a six month project. My experience has been that I tend to become indispensable.

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