The story that’s garnering a lot of salacious interest in the blogosphere these days is that of Lisa Nowak, an astronaut accused of attempted murder:

The police in Orlando, Fla., filed attempted murder charges today against Capt. Lisa Marie Nowak, a NASA astronaut who the authorities say attacked a rival for another astronaut’s affection at Orlando International Airport on Monday after driving more than 900 miles from Houston to meet her flight.

Captain Nowak, a Navy captain who flew on a shuttle mission last summer, was originally arrested on attempted kidnapping and other charges, and a judge initially set a $15,500 bond at a court session this morning.

But this afternoon, the police filed the new charges against her, saying they had evidence that Captain Nowak intended ”to do serious bodily injury or death” to Colleen Shipman, a captain in the Air Force, because she considered Captain Shipman to be a rival in her romance with a fellow NASA astronaut, Cmdr. Bill Oefelein.

When the police arrested Captain Nowak, they found in her possession a steel mallet, a buck knife with a four-inch blade, a BB gun and a map to Captain Shipman’s house, they said.

This evening in the promo for one of our TV news programs I saw a still of Ms. Nowak that caught my attention. I couldn’t find the exact picture but click on the picture at left for a closer look—it’s not as air-brushed as most of the official pictures are. What do you see?

I saw acne.

Now, if I said the following words to you: acne, extreme jealousy, paranoia, erratic, violent behavior; what would occur to you?

What occurred to me was steroid use. Any medicos out there care to comment?

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  • Mary Link

    I’d say PMS.

  • My wife said “Menopause”.

  • I’m not medico, but one of the symptoms of steroid use is increased urination. That might explain the diaper thing..?

    I would think that there would be drug testing at NASA, though…

  • There is in professional athletics, too, mary, but somehow…

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