Speaking His Mind

While I making my way from Heathrow to Bath, my driver, an absolutely charming chap about whom I’ll write more later, blurted out his opinion of the murder of James Foley. His views were harsher than anything I’ve heard from Americans so far although, I suspect, not harsher than a lot of Americans are thinking but not saying.

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  • PD Shaw

    Since the executioners appear to be British, perhaps he knows the type well.

  • Ken Hoop

    No critique is complete without condemnation of the US collaboration with ISIS to attempt to overthrow Assad.
    Parallel to the assistance of jihadis against the USSR in Afghan.
    Where is Rand Paul when you need him to go on the attack against the Hillarylike interventionists IN HIS OWN PARTY?

  • ...

    How were the views harsh? That can cut either way.

  • He thought the perpetrators should be dealt with severely. Public drawing and quartering was mentioned.

  • jan

    It’s interesting to hear other people’s perspectives overseas.

  • ...

    Drawing and quartering is a fine way to publicly execute someone.

  • mike shupp

    To be hanged, disemboweled, to have your bowels burned before you, to be beheaded, then drawn and quartered…

    It’s very British.

  • Ben Wolf

    So your driver is a barbarian and psychopath; did you leap out of the car?

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